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  • Age:
  • 19
  • Eyes colour:
  • Large blue
  • Sex:
  • Girl
  • Color of my hair:
  • Honey-blond
  • Sign of the zodiac:
  • I'm Leo
  • I like to drink:
  • Mulled wine
  • What is my hobbies:
  • Looking after pets
  • Stud:
  • None
  • Smoker:
  • Yes


Grace, 21, a writer and animator living in Massachusetts, is telling me about one of her fondest sexual memories with her boyfriend: the day her strap-on broke. She adds that her straight ex-boyfriend would get defensive when she tried to communicate with him about sex. Things like prostate play, for example, can be a huge taboo for straight men.


Forum Rules. Member. Remember Me? Last Jump to : 1 to 30 of Thread: Do older men turn bi??? Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Jul 7,PM 1. Do older men turn bi??? Just Bisexual mature men why most bi-men are over 50, most of which are married, semmed to all of a sudden want to be with another guy, in some way or another.

Did this come to the front, because of agecan they not find a female now, that turns them onor is it something that as been there all along, but society didnt accept it till they got old enough not to care Were they afraid of being called gay infront of their friends-- Can you really be bi at 50 and not at 20? Maybe people are more open now? Just curious, because I find myself in the same sitituation. Have always thought of being with another guy, since the first time I was a teen.

But never acted on it.

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Now that I am older, want to try it again. I am so confused?? Reply With Quote. Jul 7,PM 2. Re: Do older men turn bi??? From my experience, you have hit upon many of the reasons. Society is more open to exploring and discussing sexuality today than twenty or thirty years ago. Therefore, younger people are more open to exploring what was once more of a taboo more so today.

They may explore comfortably what was once forbidden. Emotional expression between younger men may be less restrictive than it was for older men in their youth. I also suspect that there is something that happens to men as they mature after There can be a huge shift in values.

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Perhaps a boredom of traditional sexual expression and a desire for excitement may become factors. Mid life values change from a twenty year old not just sexually but some may question how they will live the remaining years of their lives. The ificance of sexual expression may change for some.

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Physical and emotional needs and desire may change. The body's responses changes sexually for some. Sexual urges may change and to add to it a more openness to explore. The drive to orgasm may change from an urgency to appreciating the journey of sexual body interaction becoming more important. A man may become more in tune with his body's erotic sensations beyond his cock.

There may also be psychological experiences of disconnect and isolation from other men.

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As many men experience the "dream" falling apart, they experience marriage break up. The role of women's lib may cause a man to question many aspects of traditional relationships and their role in society. A change in attitude to no longer see other men as a threat in a competitive way.

There may be a desire to regain that connection between men from their early parts of their young life in ways that have been seen as traditionally inappropriate for an adult male. Originally Posted by loveatl. Last edited by tenni; Jul 7, at PM. Jul 7,PM 3. It does seem to be that older men are more open to it. I do wish the younger generation would wake up and be Bi, lol it would make my searching much easier.

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Jul 7,PM 4. The role of women's lib may cause a man to question many aspects of traditional relationships and their role in society Women's Lib??? Whats that got to do with an older man deciding he'd like to try something that he passed on in the past? I say if you want to experiment and fullfill a desire, and no one will be distressed by it, like say wife, girlfriend, ect, then go for it! Have fun Sugar.

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Liberated Cat. I'm tryin' my best to leave a loving foot print on the hearts of the folks who's lives I touch. Robert A. Jul 7,PM 5. Tenni, Why do you persist in your assumption that women isolate men from other men??? You constantly make comments suggesting that we insist that they give up their close friendships once we are married Maybe it happened to YOU Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: "What!

You too? I thought I was the only one. Jul 7,PM 6. Why bless your heart sweetie.

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If you read my first line, I wrote from my experience. I've been told this by many men who have had their marriage breakdown. That doesn't omit a man's role in the marriage breakdown or a failure to adapt to societal change but it is a reality from my experience. You do not have to accept it but then you are not living in a middle aged man's body. That is not to say that all men experience this. I know a lot of guys who give up on chics and turn to dicks after divorce one or two at least for awhile.

They see it as easier and less complicated. That is not to say that they totally give up on women. For some it is a rebound experience of I wonder what sucking dick is like?

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In some possibilities it is uncertainty or maybe even homophobia. Men are sometimes encouraged to see other men as competitors not all but it can be a pressure in business etc. But yes, I have seen men find themselves isolated other than work and their wives. I have heard men say that their wives do not want them to have friends and that is how the man sees it. It may not be how the wife sees it at all. Jul 7,PM 7.

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Back'atcha Darlin. I see you have some experiance in this matter, so I'll concede this round to you. Have a great day Dumpling.

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Jul 7,PM 8. Another good question. I was in my late thirties when I "turned" bi. I had some experiences in my youth, but nothing I craved at all. Then it hit me like a tidal wave. I know why I turned bi, but I want to hear other's reasons first, just in case I'm way off base and start an international incident. Jul 7,PM 9. I feel that a couple of the guys I have talked to were definitely bi because of lack of women.

Not to mention they were just bad at everything sex related.

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They were nice it just seemed obvious once I was with them why they were single and bi. I can't really speak on more than that as I am young and was bi with a girlfriend.

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Jul 7,PM Some men discover that they are bisexual or even gay later in life after being married for decades and living in the closet. A lot of older bisexual men on this site have said they have wives that are no longer beautiful, that do not have a desire for sex as much or at all after menopause, and many of these men's wives have let themselves go physically with their weight and do not age well.

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I'm 70 and have been bi all my life, but I do know of others who have developed the "Taste" for same-gender intimacy later in life. I can think of at least 3 men, who tried and liked it when they were in their 50s and 60s. I know one older fellow who tried it, but quickly returned to his hetero life-style. I have a female friend who's first attempted a same-sex relationship was after her husband died.

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Aims and Objectives The purpose of this study was to explore the perceptions toward aging among Portuguese gay and bisexual men over 60 years old.


You may know Cumming as Eli Gold on The Good Wife or the actor playing TV's first gay leading character on Instinct, but he's also one of bisexuality's biggest advocates.


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Men who live in conventional marriages and at the same time have ificant love-sex relationships with members of their own sex are largely an invisible group in our society.