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Drugs can result in serious, often fatal repercussions. The origins of wet drugs dates back to the s. People who used marijuana began dipping cigarettes or ts in a liquid form of PCP. Some drug dealers actually used embalming fluid to augment marijuana cigarettes, which led to it being used in other things. This use declined but then wet drugs came back into fashion in the early s.


This includes consuming toxic chemicals.

Why do people use wet drugs?

This is exactly the case when it comes to those that smoke embalming fluids. People that smoke embalming fluids only do so to dissolve PCP. They also do so to enhance the effects of smoking other substances like marijuana or tobacco cigarettes. Still, doing so is dangerous because of all the chemicals inside of the embalming fluid and all of the toxins inside of the PCP. In fact, the side effects of smoking embalming fluid and PCP are so severe that the combination of them with marijuana or tobacco cigarettes, otherwise known as wet drugs, can lead to its own form of addiction.

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People also use embalming fluid to view the dead bodies in their natural-looking appearance at funerals or in medical research labs. Embalming fluid is made out of toxic chemicals. The combination of chemicals that are within embalming fluid is formaldehyde, methanol, glutaraldehyde, and others. Another name for PCP is angel dust. PCP comes in a powder or liquid form.

What are the dangers of wet drugs?

This pure powder form of PCP is white and crystal-like and can dissolve in water. This powder can also get pressed into a tablet. The impure powder form of PCP cannot dissolve in water. Therefore, you need to mix it with embalming fluid to dissolve it and turn it into a liquid. People normally make PCP in makeshift labs.

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As a result, the color and consistency of PCP can vary greatly. Therefore, the color of PCP can range from crystal white to tan or even brown. The consistency of PCP can range from a powder to a gummy mass. That way they can use that mixture to now take their marijuana or tobacco cigarette high to the next level. Therefore, people began to smoke embalming fluid more for the PCP than the embalming fluid itself. Despite this fact, smoking embalming fluid gives off similar effects as smoking PCP. A sherm, or shermstick, is the term that people use to refer to marijuana or tobacco cigarettes dipped in PCP, embalming fluid, or both.

Other names for sherms, or tobacco or marijuana cigarettes dipped in PCP, embalming fluid, or both, include fry, dip, water, superweed, or wet drugs.

What effects do wet drugs have?

When you smoke embalming fluid, PCP, or both through a marijuana or tobacco cigarette, the side effects are severe. The most common side effects of wet drug use include a euphoric feeling, an adrenaline rush, hallucinations, feeling detached from reality, and self-delusions.

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Because smoking embalming fluid, PCP, or both can cause such a severe separation from reality, many people smoke them to escape their lives. In fact, the effects of smoking embalming fluid and PCP overpowers that of the marijuana or tobacco cigarettes that people use to dip into the embalming fluid solution in the first place. The strength of effects that a PCP and embalming fluid solution can cause on a person is unpredictable.

If the PCP and embalming fluid solution are especially strong, the effects of wet drug use can include violent and aggressive behavior, reduced ability to feel pain, blackouts or memory loss, impaired coordination, respiratory depression or failure, schizophrenic like symptoms, and accidental suicide or self-injury due to delusional thinking.

Does embalming fluid get you high?

The side effects of smoking embalming liquid are more severe than that of smoking PCP. This is because of how toxic embalming fluid is. Some of the side effects of smoking embalming fluid include seizures, lung damage, brain damage, cancer, destruction of body tissue, immediate coma, or death.

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This is due to the memory blocking effects of these substances. Regular people can even commit murder or abuse when under the influence of embalming fluids or PCP. Embalming fluid is a legal substance. All you need to do is go to the normal places that would use embalming fluid. Those places include funeral homes and morgues.

You can also purchase embalming fluid from chemical compounds or online. When drug dealers buy embalming fluid, they usually do so through people that they know.

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Those people usually work in funeral homes, hospitals, morgues, or other places that might contain embalming fluid. When a person overdoses when he or she starts to smoke embalming fluid, PCP, or both through wet drug use, that person experiences extremely high body temperatures.

Wet drug essentials

Embalming fluid and PCP are so toxic that using them can cause you to develop cancer. Embalming fluid and PCP are toxic and strong at the same time.

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The use of them together or alone could cause severe and immediate addiction. As a result, to overcome an addiction to embalming fluid, PCP, or both through wet drug use, you must attend medical detox. Wet drug use symptoms include intense cravings, disorientation and confusion, and depression and anxiety. Although not deadly, these withdrawal symptoms are bad enough to cause someone to want to abuse the substances again to cope.

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This then can turn into a relapse. That is why medical detox is necessary to get clean and sober from these substances. After completing medical detox you need to attend inpatient or residential treatment. Containing such extensive care and supervision is particularly important during the first few weeks of treatment for such addictive substances. If you still feel that you need support after your addiction treatment is over to transition into real life, you can even look into staying at sober living homes. Staying at sober living homes will allow you to receive extra therapy and aftercare services.

Sober living homes also provide you with the freedom to get and maintain a job and practice real-life skills in the real-life world. At Sana Lake Recovery Center, our goal is to heal people from substance abuse and mental health disorders for life.

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We aim to do this by giving the public new tools to use every day. Here at Sana Lake, we offer a wide variety of detox and addiction treatment services.

What is embalming fluid?

Thus, whether you need to attend medication-assisted treatmentinpatient treatment, detox, family therapysober living, or something else, we can serve you here at Sanna Lake. We can also personalize your treatment plan. That way you can receive some form of treatment for unusual substances like embalming fluid and PCP. If you want to learn more about Sana Lake and the treatment programs and therapy services that we offer, today! We are excitedly awaiting your call.

Our compassionate, trained treatment specialists are available around the clock to answer any questions you might have. Call Us Today: Table of Contents.

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Take the First Step Today. Learn About Teletherapy.

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Embalming fluid applied to marijuana cigars or cigarettes, with or without the addition of phencyclidine PCP , has several names, such as water, wet, illy, and fry.


PCP phencyclidine is a powerful hallucinogen and dissociative anesthetic.


There may be little known about what is in the substance which brings great risks and dangers.