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  • 20
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  • Kenyan
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  • Blond
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  • I'm quite athletic
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  • I like hip hop
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  • Riding a bike


But you can absolutely live alone, safely, without feeling alone in the world. Here are some pointers to help you embrace your newfound solitude and find fulfillment in living solo. Living alone can help you find the time to work on your most important relationship — the one you have with yourself. When you focus on maintaining strong connections with friends, family, and romantic partners, though, your relationship with yourself might take a backseat. A self-discovery journey can be a great way to kick off this new adventure. A well-developed sense of self can make it easier to identify what you want and need from relationships with others.


That means those of us who live alone spend a lot of time explaining ourselves! The joy of running a blog and an online communityis being able to set the record straight. So we asked people who live alone to tell us the things they secretly wished their friends and family knew about their lives.

When it comes to living alone, there is a huge difference between being by yourself, and being lonely.

Avoid feeling depressed while living alone

If I want to curl up with a book, potter around my house, or daydream in a luxurious bath, then being by myself is absolutely fine. In fact, being able to do these things without interruption is one of the greatest joys of living alone! In other words, we may be lonely, or we may not, depending on our circumstances.

First, no life is perfect — and our lives are no different. We have good days, and we have bad days — just like you. Sometimes we feel on top of the world, other days we just want to sit and eat ice cream.

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Secondly, it grates when you imply that our lives are somehow more carefree or less taxing than yours. We may not have children living at home at least not all of the timebut we still have responsibilities.

5 things people who live alone secretly want you to know

We may have demanding careers. Our lives may look different to yours, but that does not make them any less full of responsibility.

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The vast majority of people who live alone are also single. How are our love lives?

Are we seeing anyone? How are things going with X…? It might be uncomfortable for us to discuss our dating lives with you if we are struggling to find someone. We may have chosen to concentrate on our own lives for a while.

There are a growing of people who have made that choice, and are perfectly content with that decision.

10 reasons why living alone can be good for you

Our lives are multi-dimensional, rich, and full of meaning — just like yours. We have friends, hobbies, jobs and interests. We manage our finances and our homes, we have jobs and social lives — we balance everything without help, and we mostly do it well. We may not have chosen — or been able — to walk the same path as you in life. All we really if your respect and acceptance for the way we live, in the same way that we respect you.

For those of us who live alone, our friends and wider family are our primary connections. We invest a lot of emotional energy into ours — this can make us amazing friends! We know that we are not necessarily your primary connection, and that your partner and your children come first. But when you need to cancel or change plans, we can find it really difficult — probably more difficult than you would find it if we cancelled on you.

12 ways to embrace living alone

We pay a high price for living alone — literally. We are solely responsible for decisions about every aspect of our lives. We have to work harder to get the social contact that we need to stay healthy. And society still give us a hard time for being single when we are single. Having our own space and peace is important to us.

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While it can be scary dealing with everything, it is deeply empowering and uplifting to be entirely responsible for yourself. We know that no relationship is guaranteed.

What to do when you’re bored at home alone

But we have the tools to fall back to be able to build full, rich, meaningful lives for ourselves. We shape our own space, and we make our own decisions.

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We know who we are, and we prioritise personal growth. If you love what we do and enjoy reading our blog, please consider buying us a coffee to support our work! Want more insider secrets about the lives of people who live alone?

Leaving your child home alone

How good to find a kindred spirit. Really enjoyed ready this article, so many points hit the nail on the head. Thank you anyway for the nice wee read x. We need our friends and family more than you know — and it really matters when you cancel on us! We probably think that you should try living alone for a while, too. Donate Want more insider secrets about the lives of people who live alone? Chris topher July 11, at pm Reply.

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Che Takitimu August 28, at am Reply. Download our free solo living life hacks guide now to find out! Yes please!

I'd like the guide. the solo revolution! One a fortnight, no spam, just tips, ideas, offers and love

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Posted December 12, Reviewed by Matt Huston.


Whether it's a snow day home from school, an unexpected business meeting, or care arrangement that fell through, there probably will be times when you'll need to leave your child home alone.


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