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But now they, and men in the same position, are organising with others around the world to gain recognition and comfort. They shift uneasily. Day is involuntarily childless. She remembers the moment she realised she was definitely never going to be a mother. It was February and, at and-a-half, she had left a bad long-term relationship and moved into a grotty London flat.

In that moment, I became acutely aware of myself, almost as if I were an observer of the scene from outside my body.

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And yet, on that February afternoon eight years ago, Day could find nothing on the internet or in books about her painful, irreversible situation. She knew no one like her, and felt alone and frightened. I withdrew from all my relationships.

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I saw doctors, therapists — nobody knew what the matter with me was. Her blog, Gateway Womenflourished into a huge online community, and then became a book for women struggling to find meaning in a life that was supposed to be filled with children.

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Now there are more than free Gateway Meetup groups for involuntarily childless women in Britain and another around the world, including in Switzerland, the US and India. Day runs workshops around the world for women struggling with childlessness, and is training to be a psychotherapist. Only very recently have other people started talking publicly for the first time about their involuntary childlessness.

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Woodard tells me that 1. The assumption by the government is that all older people have family who will help to look after them.

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On the same afternoon, on the other side of the world, in Cleveland, Ohio, Day will be the keynote speaker for the Not Mom summit. Parents bored at a PTA meeting or soccer game talk and connect, sometimes professionally. I think HR departments are going to start having to factor in the wants and needs of the childless. But who are the childless and how many of them wanted children? If we take these figures at face value, it becomes all the more puzzling that involuntary childless women are so invisible.

Their child-freedom is a positive choice; one that they feel proud of and that helps them face down the stigma of being women without children. Childless women have to wade through grief to get to that place, and many of them remain stuck in it for decades, maybe even for their whole lives.

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I have certainly met and worked with women in their 70s who have never had a chance to move beyond their grief because of a lack of awareness or support. Among those people who are involuntary childless is an even more invisible subset, and not a small one: men.

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In the late 90s, Robin Hadley, then 39, began to grapple with a paradigm shift in his own future life plans. Hadley had started a relationship with a woman a few years older than him. She had already accepted that she would remain childless, but Hadley had always wanted to be a dad. He had been deeply jealous when his best friend had started a family. And now, here he was — confronted by a last chance to have a baby. For Hadley, being childless by circumstance meant having made a decision to pursue a relationship where he knew children were off the agenda.

Lonely Rowland Flat wives have friends who are becoming grandparents, and the same feelings you had when they started having kids resurface. A technical photographer, he began to retrain as a counsellor. He did an MA his thesis was on how the desire for fatherhood affects menthen got funding to start a PhD on life without fatherhood. The 15 men he interviewed at length were between the ages of 49 and They had become childless through fertility problems, bad timing, the lack of a suitable partner and bad relationships.

Yes, there are people such as Rod Stewart having kids in their 60s, but they really are the exceptions.

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Hadley, who undertook his research for personal reasons, is almost alone in Britain in having gone on the record about this complex, hidden predicament for men. However, a pair of film-makers are now attempting to crowdfund a documentary, entitled The Easy Bitin which men will speak publicly about their experience of being involuntary childless and the lack of support around the issue. By the time she was 33, Lizzie Lowrie now 37 had had six miscarriages.

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Not being able to have children is the most difficult experience of my life. I have come a long way. People usually only share their story when it has a happy ending. This year, in Liverpool Cathedral, she and the Rev Sonya Dorah held a service on the evening before Mothering Sunday for people who, like them, had not been able to have biological children.

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Dorah, who wrote the liturgy and now has three adopted children, contracted chlamydia when she was raped, aged 17, leaving her infertile. Why have childless people never been acknowledged? There are many dozens of reasons people become involuntarily childless.

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Being childless is a very complex form of grief. The desire to have is still there. Stefanie Marsh.

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Mon 2 Oct I imagined myself pregnant, felt tiny fingers in mine, I dreamed about babies Sally-Ann Rowland. .

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At any given time along this path of change, you might be feeling scared, confused, angry, sad, and lonely.


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