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By Cheyenne Roundtree For Dailymail. Iowa Senator Joni Ernst's estranged husband has claimed in bombshell divorce papers she had an affair with one of her own soldiers and displayed 'bizarre behavior' after he filed for divorce, DailyMail. The Republican's husband Gail Ernst filed for divorce from the year-old last summer and in newly unsealed court papers that were filed in Octoberboth Joni and Gail list allegations against the other as they fight over access to property, temporary alimony and attorney fees.


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His bones were brought here in from Franklin County, Kansas, and reinterred in Rand Park beneath a massive stone pedestal which is surrounded by a life sized statute of an Indian chieftain. Died in April, He was a man of extraordinary eloquence in council and never at a loss in an emergency.

He was a noble looking man about six feet tall, portly and weighing over pounds.

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He had an eagle eye, dignified bearing, and a manly, intelligent expression of countenance. This bridge which is 3, feet long and 64 feet wide eliminates the tie up of traffic from the former swing span bridge, allowing both automobile and barge traffic to move more efficiently.

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For years the citizens of Keokuk, Iowa had been dreaming of creating a river museum which would serve as a perpetual reminder of the tremendous amount of river lore that is associated with this community. The George M. Verity is permanently berthed in Victory Park, which is on the Mississippi River just a few yards below Lock To passers-by on the river and to tourists traveling on the road, this makes a very interesting and historical stop.

A 1, feet long, feet wide lock with new guide walls was completed in It greatly facilitates river traffic, enhances the riverfront immeasurably and provides one of the greatest improvements on the entire Mississippi River. It replaced a foot lock built with the dam in Prior to the construction of the dam across the Mississippi River, the first and largest of its kind when erected, Keokuk was the shipping headquarters of the river.

Just above the city were a series of rapids and channels, and further water traffic involved heavy lightening charges and transshipment. Keokuk has always been a natural shipping point due to its excellent location. The city is located on bluffs approximately feet high and has an average altitude of feet above sea level, Memphis datum. It rises in the northwestern part of the state and flows diagonally across the state to Keokuk.

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Its course has always been a natural highway. When Lt. He s for it on the hypothesis that when the French voyageurs visited St. The history of the early inhabitants of this vicinity was never recorded. However, this section of the country was probably originally overrun by the Algonquin tribes.

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One of these tribes was called the Illinois, or Illini, and they were probably the first tribe to inhabit this region. In the latter part of the 17th Century, the Illini were a powerful nation, consisting of five subordinate tribes, namely: The Kaskaskias, Peorias, Tamaroas, Michiganis and Cahokias. Besides their country east of the Mississippi, they occupied a large district between that river and the Des Moines, in what is now the southeastern part of Iowa.

The Ottawa chief, Pontiac, who led the uprising against the white settlements and post inwas assassinated by some of the Illini inwhereupon the Sacs and Foxes, allies of Pontiac, declared war against the Illini and in time almost exterminated the tribe. The Iowa Indians Sleepy Onesfrom whom the state takes its name, were one of the southern Siouan tribes included by Dorsey with Otoes and Missouris in his Chiwere group. According to their traditions, they once formed part of the Winnebago nation, with which they lived north of the Great Lakes.

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In a member of the tribe prepared a map showing the movements of the Iowas from the time they settled on the Rock River. Crossing the Mississippi River, they turned southward and reach a high bluff near the mouth of the Iowa River.

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The territory thus appropriated by the Iowas included the present county of Lee, though the tribe afterward established its headquarters in what is now Mahaska County, which bears the name of a noted Iowa chief. The Iowa Indians have long since disappeared, but the name remains to deate one of the great states of the Mississippi Valley. The Sacs and Foxes, the principal Indians in Iowa history, are always spoken of as one people, though originally they were two separate and distinct tribes of the great Algonquin family.

Aboutthe Sacs and Foxes crossed the Mississippi near Prairie du Chien and established themselves in Iowa about where the city of Dubuque now stands. The Sacs and Foxes were ruled over by one chief. At one time Black Hawk was their recognized leader, and at one time he was one of the greatest of American Indian chiefs born of Sac parents, was the leader of both tribes.

History of keokuk

Black Hawk elected to them with the English in the War ofand his leadership passed on to Keokuk after its close. Keokuk the watchful fox was born in His mother was allegedly a French half-breed. He arose to his position of leadership through sheer merit and diplomacy. He was a cunning master of intrigue. He converted most of the tribe to his views in the Black Hawk War and remained peaceful.

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In a debate in Washington, D. Inafter Columbus had discovered the New World, the Pope granted to the King and Queen of Spain, all territory inhabited by infidels, thus in a vague way included the present state of Iowa along with the rest of the New World. Inthe English government granted to the Plymouth Company all the lands between the 40th and 48th parallels of north latitude from sea to sea. Inthe Massachusetts Bay Company received an English charter, which included a strip about miles wide through the central part of Iowa.

Thus Iowa and Keokuk were originally claimed by both the English and the Spanish. In May,Marquette, Joliet and five boatmen in two large canoes moved up Lake Michigan and to the headwaters of the Fox River and crossed by portage to the Wisconsin River, and on June 17 first saw the Mississippi River opposite the present town of McGregor, Iowa.

On June 25, they landed near the present town of Toolesboro, the first known whites to set foot there. They entered the Indian village and smoked the pipe of peace near the present Iowa River.

They passed on down the Mississippi to the mouth of the Arkansas River before returning to Canada. On April 6,LaSalle completed his exploration of the Mississippi River and claimed all the territory drained by the great river and its tributaries for France, and gave it the name Louisiana in honor of the French king.

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English traders and trappers overran the territory of Louisiana, and ultimately the French and Indian War began in As a result of the war, Great Britain obtained everything east of the Mississippi River according to the treaty of Paris, Feb. France obtained everything west of the Mississippi River. After the Revolutionary War, the west boundary of the U. The right to the use of the Mississippi River for trade and commerce was a controversial subject, and as soon as Spain ceded Louisiana back to France inthe U. President Jefferson sent Robert R.

Livingston and James Monroe to negotiate a treaty, which resulted in the purchase of the Louisiana Territory.

Shortly after the Louisiana Purchase, on March 26,President Jefferson authorized the division of the vast area into the Territory of Orleans, which included all that part north of the 33rd parallel. The District of Louisiana, the north part, contained the present State of Iowa the Northwest Territory had been organized in Inthe name of the District of Louisiana was changed to the Territory of Missouri.

When the State of Missouri was admitted into the Union in March,the north par of the area, including Iowa, was left without any form of civil government. By the treaty of Aug. Statutes at large, the tract of land lying south of the southern boundary of Iowa extending across the Des Moines River due east to the Mississippi was reserved for the half-breeds of the various Indian tribes.

There has been considerable intermarriage of whites with the Indian women and the offspring were the beneficiaries of theacres. In a later treaty the Indian tribes, not including the half-breeds, ceded all their remaining interests to the Federal Government.

Under the original grant the half-breeds had the right to occupy the land as the Indians occupied their reservations.

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They had no right to sell or convey it, the U. Other atures subsequently were obtained, and in response to the petition, Congress passed an act, approved by President Jackson, on Jan. Lee County quickly became one of the most active real estate markets in the country, and the foundation was laid for a vast amount of litigation.

Indians would often claim ownership of land by virtue of being half-breeds and had no difficulty in proving their mixed blood by the Indians, and would then cheat the speculators by selling land to which they had no rightful title.

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On the other hand, speculators often claimed land to which they had no right. It was diamond cut diamond, until at last things became badly mixed. There were no authorized surveys, no boundary lines to claims, and as a result, numerous quarrels ensued.

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The act of Jan. The division line was due westward from the foot of Rock Island. These counties were rapidly organized, and on Oct. George W. Through his efforts and influence, the Territory of Michigan was divided and the region west of the Mississippi became a part of the Territory of Wisconsin, with Gov. Henry Dodge as Governor. Dodge immediately ordered a census, and the area was found to have a population of 10, On October 14,Lee County elected delegates to a convention at Burlington, which petitioned the Territorial Governor of Wisconsin for a new state west of the Mississippi River.

The Congress passed an act establishing the Territory of Iowa, which took effect June 3,

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